Friday, September 28, 2007

Running and fasting

It is indeeed quite a task to be running during this holy month. i have yet to run since the fasting started almost two weeks ago. Almost every evening after savouring the 'delicious' food ( that i cooked), i would tell myself that i would be going for running the next morning or evening just before 'buka'. That has yet to happen. i was a lot stronger before whereby i would run just before 'buka' much to the displeasure of my mother. But these days, i busied myself with the preparation of it. I would attempt to run sometime before end of ramadhan while fasting that is. I look at it as a real test and challenge. The last run that sis and i took part was the Mizuno Run, around Bukit Tunku, which we both finished the same time. Have to admit, kinda like having her around.