Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When my master comes for visit...

Recently my yoga master, Bharath Shetty, came to KL for Teachers Training Course  (TTC) organised by a fellow Yoga India graduate, Angeline Liew, at her beautiful studio which is very close proximity to Sunway Giza. She is a wonderful soul, true yogi and a great teacher...and thanks to her my visit to Mysore two years ago was less stressful to organise. God bless her.

Me and Master
My master, if i may call that, is based in Mysore, India. This trip to Malaysia is the first trip abroad for him and we are so honoured with that. After almost a week in KL, another fellow Yoga India graduate, Sam, and I, decided to take our master for dinner. Neither of us is vegetarian but for that evening we both decided to take him to Saravanan Bhavan in Bangsar Baru for some vegetarian goodness. Being a simple person he is, the food agrees with him well.

He asked if the two of us would be attending Master Class the following day to which we both said 'no' because of prior commitments. I obviously would not be able to make it as I have wonderful faces waiting for me in class. I told him that I will make it for his next trip in June. Having a class with him is indeed felt like being with a can't help feeling the sense of achievement when you're done but yet feel that there are so much more to learn from him. You are humbled by that. Yoga makes you humble...more so with the master in class. There is a strong sense of peace and calm around him. You wanna say so much but you don't wanna as you are afraid it might just 'upset' the balance.

I will try to make it to his class in June. Perhaps I will try to organise my Sunday students to attend too. Now, that would be something worthwhile to plan.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yoga and commitments

Since last December, I've increased the usual 60mins Sunday class to 90mins. Not sure why though. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I have students coming from as far as Bangi for the class and find it worthwhile for her to attend a longer class for her effort every week. You see, she has been in class since 2 years ago and I've had the pleasure of seeing her progress all these times and it is rewarding to bear witness to such thing. I know that it sounded absurd to decide on such thing based on one student but I guess, as a teacher, nothing gives you more pleasure to see such passion in class.
The Sunday class has grew and the students changed as months passed. We have new students and few old ones. Most have never done yoga in their lives and decided to start for reasons only known to them but some started because of injuries. For whatever reason, I'm glad some have open their hearts and minds to yoga. Yoga is, after all, for everybody.
On whether or not, they would still be there next few months, only God knows.

I've also started a personal class with a 45yrs old working lady at ungodly 6.30am twice on weekdays. When I started work last November, I decided not to take any classes on weekdays as I thought I wanted more 'me' time as I've already have weekend classes to commit to but...I  don't why but when I got her text, after some thoughts, decided to take the challenge. Yes, having class at 6.30-7.30am twice weekdays with fulltime job is by no means 'a walk in the park'. Funnily since started last 2 weeks, I felt more energise going to office right after as the feeling of accomplishment after each class took over me. Life is funny that way.

With all the happenings in my personal life, I've decided to get my mind occupied with things..things that matters, things that fulfilling, things that makes me better, things that makes me stronger. And that is how I'm gonna live my life from now on. You can't change people in your life but you can change yourself and insist on being happy!