Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Matter of the heart

Verity made good point about setting an intention which i believe comes from the heart and this should be applied in everything that we do in life. Whenever i have been unfortunate enough to meet someone who is nasty to me for reasons i simply couldn't fathom, i would go back to my intention...what did i say? what do i really mean? was i honest? was i? once that is established, next,i would go the person's intention...like...why did he/she say that? and then the big question...WHAT WAS THE INTENTION? Of late, no thanks to my tv appearances,I've been talking to a lot of people whom talked to me about their intention of starting yoga. Some started with sheer sceptisism, a bit cynicism and questionable intention. Fortunately, most have good intention and a healthy dose of sceptisism. Having the privillege (or hell) of being trained in auditing for few years, i must admit that we need sceptisism in our lives but that should be coupled with intention, a good one I hope. For those, who have been wanting to start on yoga, I say, a step in a right direction but we, human, have many 'wants'. So, in this new year, I urge those who 'have been wanting' to let that 'want' be a 'need' and let that 'need' starts with a good intention. "Yoga is a light, once lighted, will never be put off." Have a good year, have a good life!

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