Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life in Mysore: Part 1

It is rather impossible to condense my two-months living in mysore in just a paragraph or two. i think a 'short story' would be pushing it as the experiences are far beyond my imaginations....i told verity how much i 'dislike' the place and didn't plan on going again, has turned into (after few weeks).."i love this place and can't wait to come again.." such was my reaction when asked about my being there. what not to love..weather is great (H-24degrees, L-14degrees), food is good, though some europeans may not agree with me, and things are relatively cheaper compared to malaysia. i absolutely love it!
Initially, i do plan to give details on my daily lives there but i find that a bit much effort especially after the course started and my need to sleep/eat/rest superseeded everything else that i plan on doing before the madness begins..
i just got back on eve of xmas and rather prefer to chill with family and selected friends, at the moment. there are so many things to catch up on, so many things to share, to tell, to explain, to do, to change....the list is long but for now, i just wanna get my practice back on track and breath...

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