Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How attachment works...

the word 'attachment' is almost synonym with yoga. one of the main principle of yoga is for us 'earthlings' not to have any attachment to things, people, events etc. we may say...pas de probleme. the fact of the matter is, we attach ourselves to almost everything that revolves around us including future that we haven't even see and have no clue whatsoever on how it will be but we, 'earthlings', still stubbornly or by default, manage to attach ourselves and at times, wonder why we are 'so unhappy'.
yoga philosophy isn't my favourite subject but i do practice the principle of attachment as consciously as possible. i use the word 'consciously' because being a human i am, tend to 'attach' myself in things and matters without realising my actions or my thoughts. exhibit a: i use to say that i have to have coffee to start my day. after 2 mths in india, i realised that a. i am attaching myself to coffee, b.absence of coffee or tea did nothing to my mornings. this is a rather simple example and there are many other examples in our lives that have affected us greatly without us realising. our joy, our happiness, our sense of contentment, our being...these are serious matters. i'm not saying that we should work less harder but we do have to be aware the attachment is the source of great sorrow in our lives.
happiness is the state of being. we don't need things or a person or event to be happy. these are just bonuses. we are born alone in this world and alone we go. meantime, play with the cards that you've been dealt with and make the best of it.

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