Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To leave or to stay...how many times is enough?

A friend called this afternoon and said that she wanted to talk. So, there i was sitting on the edge of my bed with my towel for next one hour and ten minutes listening to her...talk.

why do people change? she asked. i said because they can. yes, but what if the changes affect others in bad way? she asked. probably, they don't realise that or simply don't care, was my reply. i used to hear people saying that once you get married, it will go downhill from there. i used to think that the reason that happened because of neglect by both parties and hence, started to take things for granted. the truth of the matter is, relationship/marriage will fail when one party decided not to care anymore or found other person/thing to care about. the only thing the other party can do is to fight for the relationship/marriage and maybe, just maybe, it will stay.
the problem is, the desire to fight is weak or no longer there due to reasons or hurt in the past. two things will happen at this juncture....1. you stay on and suffer...2. you leave. simple? not quite....never is. either one, the hurt will be unbearable. but if you decides to leave, your shot at happiness is higher....your hurt will be shorter....you will be a better and happier person to your siblings, friends, parents, colleagues and etc...you get my drift. staying...why on earth do you wanna do that? i asked. need to think of my kids, she answered. the talk ends till next revelation. i stood up and walked to shower. while feeling the cold water on my face i thought.....why we do this to ourselves and our children again and again?!

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