Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eat right for your type...blood type. I am 'AB negative'...find out yours.

I find this book by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo "Eat Right For Your Type" is highly informative and beneficial. From the book cover, the book is 'the individualised diet solution to staying healthy, living longer and achieving your ideal weight'.
Here some excepts on my blood Type...AB negative:

Blood Type AB is less than a thousand years, rare (2-5 per cent of the world's population), and biologically complex.
Essentially, most foods which are not recommended for either Type A or Type B are probably bad for Type AB, although there are some exceptions.

The Weight Loss Factor
For weight loss, consumption of meats should be restricted, only eating small amounts that are supplemented with vegetables and tofu. (yes tofu)

The list is rather extensive but I'll be writing only 3 main food categories. Each food category is divided into HIGHLY BENEFICIAL,NEUTRAL and AVOID. Here, i'll be listing only the HIGHLY BENEFICIAL and AVOID. For more info, do buy the book and have a good read. It might help you to lose that stubborn fat your life. So, here it is.

Meat, Offal, Poultry and Game
Avoid all smoked or cured meats. These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with low levels of stomach acid, a trait ABs have in common with Type As.
HIGHLY BENEFICIAL: Lamb; Mutton; Rabbit; Turkey
AVOID: Bacon;Beef;Buffalo;Chicken;Duck;Goose;Poussin;Veal;Venison;Quail

Wide variety of seafoods for Type ABs, an excellent source of protein.
HIGH BENEFICIAL: Cod;Grouper;Mackerel;Red snapper;Sardines;Snails
AVOID: Anchovy;Lobster;Octopus;Oysters;Sea Bass;Shrimp

Dairy Products and Eggs
Beneficial especially cultured and soured products- buttermilk,yogurt and reduced fat sour cream. Primary problem is excessive mucus production. Should watch for signs of respiratory problems, sinus attacks or ear infections, indication to cut back on the dairy food.
HIGH BENEFICIAL: Cheese-Cottage,FArmers,Goat,Mozarella,Ricotta
AVOID: Cheese-blue,parmesan;Brie;Butter;Buttermilk;Camembert;Ice Cream

The list also includes several others food categories that is simply to long for me to write.
It includes: Oils&FAts; Nuts&Seeds; Beans&Pulses; Cereals; Bread,Crispbread&Muffins; Grains&Pastas; Vegetables,Sprouts,Soya Products&Fresh herbs; Fruits; Juices&Other Fluids; Spices,Dried Herbs& Flavourings.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fasting Yogi....

It is the time of the month whereby as a good Muslim, I will fast the whole month of Ramadhan which coincidently this year will be in the whole month of makes it easier, somehow, to count the number of days we Muslims have fasted which is very crucial for our day to day expectation....ok, i'm kidding on the last part. even at this not-so-young age of mine, i still keep a mental check on the number of days i've fasted on...well, hourly basis....this keeps my minds occupied and strong in facing the challenges...again, i'm kidding. well, keeping ones mind occupied is imperative in order for one to stay fasting day-in, day-out. of course, during this holy month, we are encouraging to recite Quran and go for Tarawih, after the break fast, to gain further benefits for body, soul and after life. Yes, the after life...the stage that we often forget or choose to forget.

As a yogi, i insist on staying true to my practice even while fasting. Since day 1, i've been practising minimal 60mins of yoga accompany with some soothing lounge music just to help with the flow. Yes, i admit, i do use music regularly in my practice...something that my master would not agree with. Then again, being in class with him is calming enough that no music or extra help is required. Bless you Master Bharath Shetty. When fasting, it is rather challenging to engage in the regular routine as the body is in a resting mode (and plan to stay that way whole day) that any attempt to engage in slightly more vigorous poses...will be denied! So, I opted for combination of Astanga, 6 rounds of sun salutation, and Yin Yoga. Why Yin, I always find Yin Yoga rather interesting and Paul Grilley with his Yin Yoga book, managed to capture my attention and made me a follower.

Over the years, i find that yoga is best for those fasting. It is less taxing to the body and yet, the feeling after is indeed invigorating and yes, you may take my word for it. Perhaps you can opt for less standing (e.g. warrior I,II&III) poses and more sitting (e.g. paschimottanasana,baddhakonasana) and lying (e.g. supta padangusthasana,bridge) down poses. With Yin Yoga, you are encourage if not expected, to stay between 3-5 mins depending on your body and capability as it believes this will strengthen the connective tissues (detailed explanation in first few pages of the book).

End of do what you can to stay true to who you are and what you believe. I am a Muslim first and foremost...and a yogi, all year round.