Monday, March 1, 2010

Recovery and yoga

i like to think myself as the healthiest or at least, among the healthiest person that i know. i've been exercising and eating well way back when it wasn't hip and trendy to make such claims...but i was. all my friends will say that much about me, to say the least. so, when the doc told me that i need to undergo an operation for something brewing in body, i was shocked! i told her the exact same thing that "i'm the healthiest person i know" and "are you sure that is necessary??". 3 weeks and a half later, here i am, with stitches measuring about 8in way down my abs and temporarily lost my ability to use my abs for the next few months. i was also told to lay off teaching for few weeks for fear that this might harm my body especially after such operation making it almost impossible to practice yoga. 'almost' is the word for i am determine more than ever to start practice as soon as possible. i hope to be able do yoga soonest. when?? you may everything else in life...there's time and place for it. till then, i shall breath.

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