Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Have a Home!

Finally, after months of uncertainty and stretching in dark cobweby corners... we have a home! Yey yey. Although last Saturday we did it at TTDI park and I must say either than the slopping venue and muddy tracks on my mat and strange people sniffing around our vicinity it was rather nice doing it outdoors.

Okay, okay- the kids screaming on the monkey bars was not exactly zen but hey, beggars can't be choosers. And gals, what's with the Silence of the Lambs? Why no posting? Think we have to make this site a bit more lively so next post I will write about the elusive Yogasm- yes gals I'm afraid it's sex a nd hot men that are going to get repeat viewership on this site so I will begin the sordid business. BTW... don't hold your breaths for this yogarticle yeh? It's coming soon, I promise between my deadlines and all sorts of small stuff life demands of you.


New yoga classes, new place

After few months of uncertainty over the future of our yoga classes, I am happy to announce that the classes will resume starting August.
The new schedule will be every Wednesday evening (6.45-7.45pm) and Saturday morning (9-10am) at Havana Dance Studio, Jln Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. For those who are familiar with restaurant/cafe 'Santai' in Taman Tun, well, the studio is on the same row.
Enter the class with open heart and leave the ego at the door.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Short Movie to go with 7's 'tini'

Yogatini Anyone?

As I was walking down the road trying to take deep cleansing breaths a thought occured to me. Yogini sounds close to Yogatini which I believe is a fabbo name for a cocktail. A cocktail enjoyed by sleek, sexy yogis sitting at a health bar in their designer tracker dacks and halter neck dry fits (right must stop watching reruns of Sex and the City). Think about it girls. After a good balance/ stretch session what better way than to get your slinky relaxed self to a place where there ar no cheesy chat up lines (just gorgeous people to ooze your eyes on) and sip from a highball or martini glass a Yogatini. I'm thinking something fruity and fresh with a dash of cranberry- to offset the alchohol. Here's a Mock Yogatini Recipe. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!


Sugar your glass with lime and sugar
6 parts gin
1 parts unsweetened cranberry juice
A squeeze of lime
A dash of sugar syrup
A topping of crushed mint and ice
Oh yeah this is not served stirred or shaken but stretched... a steady stream of the cocktail poured from high above like Teh Tarik and then dash in the crushed mint/ ice. Hmm... now I'm thinking of a YogaTeh Tarik now.

Okay, okay I stole part of a Crantini Recipe for this but I swear the rest is my creation!

Chink Chink!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Off the Mat and into your Life

When I finish a class, I always tell them - take your yoga with you, off the mat. Keep it with you all the time. Keep this inner silence, this inner balance, and this clarity. When it leaves you, bring it back, coax it back, and then, eventually it will become a part of you.

If there is one thing yoga has brought me it is a little more calm, a sense of "this too shall pass". Some of my friends can't believe (and some can't take) this change from the alpha A+ person they knew to the to aspiring B (or C or Z). I'm not completely there yet, may never get there, but the journey is sweet.

And my favourite poses? Balances of course. Yours?

Yoga as weight loss scheme

I've often been asked this question "can i lose weight with yoga?" and my answer will always be the same....yes, you can. Next question is "how?" and my answer, practise the poses diligently and you'll lose more than your extra kilos. For example, you can lose your temper (over time, that is). What i really want to emphasise is the gain (plenty to gain) and this can only be experienced...again, over time. Are you game? Let's focus on the gain as Karin will say...it'll come to you.

Right at this moment

Right at this moment I am sitting in front of my computer and I'm doing little stretches with my toes. I'm trying to breath deeply to keep down the panic that I have hardly started on my deadlines. I am putting my arms up in the air doing a mock chair pose. Anybody? Do you have a home for our floating yoga class? Save me from doing mock poses like a donggoi in my cramped bedroom. Perhaps if I think yoga therefore I am yoga... Afterall sometimes all you need is a little faith... and space... Anybody?

Monday, July 9, 2007

Breathing for life

I would like to start by saying that yoga is not 'just' an exercise...it's a way of life. you commit to change the way you eat, sleep, talk, act, react, think, feel, and finally,the most importantly, breath. Are you game? Is it worth it? You'd ask yourself. It is.

First Blog is the Loveliest

Well, this is nice, Like coming into a new house, that's all your own, smelling fresh paint and shellac. Waiting for ideas and words to form. Sentences to magically snake their way round the mind, tongue, and keyboard. To sound suddenly profound and meaningful. To say things that make a difference.

No, not really. Just a place, a secret hideaway for the aspiring yoginis and friends to rant and rave, share a few laughs and show a few asanas, and maybe make new friends.