Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kain Kain

I know this is irrelevant to yoga post but after we sweat so much and somehow have the curves....let's flaunt our curves by wearing new clothes.....jetsetqueen is selling kain kain for raya or any special occassions ;) I will upload the piccies once I have the stock! Range from RM80 - RM120 from Korea....silky and matte type of cloth...easy to wash :)

Oooh...I must say that out door yoga is simply great! Must try once a week with minah yoga....just ignore the onlookers....let's wow them and get them to jump on to the bandwagon :)

Anyhoooo....I am happy with the new yoga home....i used to do hip hop there...errr...i am the oldie amongst the teeny boppers as young as 7 years old :)

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minahyoga said...

I must admit that doing yoga outdoor was more challenging and yet can be rewarding. The air is fresher and the space is, well, can do it anywhere. Just pick a spot, put the mat and we are on. I simply love it and yeah, those onlookers...what can I say.
Well, no more of that. We are back indoor.